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  1. FDA Update & Product News
    EndoRotor system receives FDA approval for EMR; Lumendi launches DiLumen balloon accessory for endoscopy; Acrobat 2 wire guide from Cook; FDA approves use of new device for treatment of esophageal birth defect in babies
  2. GI Practices: Don’t Overlook Ancillary Services For Revenue Growth
    In this era of diminishing reimbursement for endoscopy, ancillary services have become an important option for generating revenue to keep practices fiscally stable and viable. On-site ancillary services also provide nonfinancial benefits by enhancing patient care and the patient experience and making practices attractive to new recruits.
  3. Overfeeding and ARDS a Toxic Combination
    Orlando, Fla.—Unintentional overfeeding of ICU patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) may increase the risk for infections, prolong mechanical ventilation and length of stay in the hospital, according to a study presented at the 2017 American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Clinical Nutrition Week.
  4. H. pylori Infection Found to Protect Against IBD
    A new study has found that childhood exposure to Helicobacter pylori reduces the likelihood of developing irritable bowel syndrome later in life, regardless of a patient’s socioeconomic status.
  5. The Art and Science of Medical Management
    What does the future of medical management have to do with the history of aviation safety? If the American health care system is lucky, a lot.
  6. With PN Patients, Older Does Not Mean Safer
    Orlando, Fla.—Elderly patients are more likely than others to develop a metabolic complication while receiving parenteral nutrition (PN) in the hospital, according to research presented at the 2017 American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) Clinical Nutrition Week.
  7. Rectal Gas Volume IDs Evacuation Disorders in Constipated Patients
    Measuring the volume of gas in the rectum may be a useful screening tool for diagnosing evacuation disorders in patients with constipation, according to a new study.
  8. Nursing Home Case Highlights Need for Caution Using PEG Laxatives With Starch Thickeners
    Laxatives with polyethylene glycol (PEG) 3350 can counteract starch-based thickeners that nurses often use to help patients with dysphagia, a study has found.
  9. Oral FMT Matches Scope Delivery In C. diff Trial
    Fecal microbiota transplantation administered by capsules is as effective as that delivered by colonoscopy, new research has shown.
  10. Aries Pharmaceuticals Launches Eleview For GI Endoscopy
    Aries Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced the launch of Eleview, the company’s first product for use in polyp, adenoma and early-stage cancer removal in gastrointestinal endoscopy.