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  1. DDW 2017: Interventional Endoscopy Fellow Amit Sachdev, MD
    Introducing Columbia University's award-winning interventional endoscopy fellow, Dr. Sachdev.
  2. DDW 2017: Amit Sachdev, MD, on Bariatrics, CRC & ASGE Crystal Award
    Dr. Sachdev talks about earlier CRC screening and his 2017 "ASGE Community Outreach Award".
  3. TDM Improves Effectiveness of Anti-TNF Drugs for IBD
    Therapeutic drug monitoring of anti–tumor necrosis factor in patients with inflammatory bowel disease allows gastroenterologists to make more effective treatment decisions, a recent prospective study found.
  4. Candida Remains a Persistent Challenge
    Las Vegas—Managing candidemia and other invasive fungal infections is a complex challenge, partly due to the widespread use of antibiotics and a corresponding rise in antifungal resistance, according to a presentation at the 2016 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting.
  5. DDW 2017: Texting & Compliance in NAFLD Patients
    Dr. Singal talks about his new study on the benefit of texting on compliance. 
  6. Study Promotes Better Communication Between Fellows During Sign-outs
    A program to improve handoffs of patients between clinicians substantially increases the time gastroenterology fellows spend preparing for sign-outs and may reduce the risk for medication errors, researchers have found.
  7. Epigenetics May Help Predict IBD Severity, Treatment
    Epigenetic changes in newly diagnosed patients with inflammatory bowel disease may help determine which ones require aggressive therapy, new research suggests.
  8. Loop Ileostomy With Lavage Appears Effective for C. diff Disease
    Hollywood, Fla.—Loop ileostomy with colonic lavage should be considered a treatment for Clostridium difficile–associated disease (CDAD) in patients without contraindications, according to the results of a multicenter retrospective study which showed the procedure resulted in a significant drop in mortality compared with patients treated with a total colectomy, the gold standard surgical treatment.
  9. Why My Patient Will Quit the Military
    My patient, who is active duty military with attention deficit disorder (ADD), was told that he could choose between taking Vyvanse or keeping his job. If he opted for the one drug that worked for him, he would have to quit. Who wins here? 
  10. Will Alcohol Ever Be ‘Safe’?
    I don’t usually like vodka, but Kara Kenney knows how to mix a drink. At the Lone Star Art Space, a converted warehouse in San Antonio’s art district, I sampled a variety of cocktails, none of which would disappoint had I ordered them in an upscale bar.