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  1. Study Questions Value of Universal Lynch Testing
    Many countries, including the United States, advocate screening all patients with colorectal cancer for Lynch syndrome. But a pair of studies raises questions about the utility of that strate gy—at least in part.
  2. DIY Bowel Preps Popular With Patients, But Leave Some GIs Concerned
    Taken with a sports drink, polyethylene glycol (PEG; Miralax, Bayer) is an adequate bowel preparation, less expensive than commercial formulas and more palatable.
  3. As Houston Battled Hurricane Harvey, GIs Stepped Up to Help
    As this issue was going to press, Hurricane Irma had swept through Florida and Hurricane Maria had just demolished the island of Puerto Rico.
  4. Hurricane Maria Puts Burden on Med Device Manufacturers
    The destruction in Puerto Rico caused by September’s hurricane could have serious consequences for the global supply of some medical and surgical devices, as well as critical pharmaceuticals, according to manufacturers and federal officials.
  5. By Rome IV, 1 in 4 Children Have Functional GI Disorder
    Under the recently updated Rome IV criteria, one in four children has a functional gastrointestinal disorder, with significant increases in constipation from the previous iteration of the guidelines.
  6. The Real GI: A Hectic Schedule Post-Board Exam
    First-year GI fellow Dr. Andrew Nguyen describes the chaos he faced after taking the boards.
  7. Endoscope Cleaning: Remote Video Auditing Keeps Technicians Compliant
    Call them nanny cams for scope reprocessing technicians. Remote video auditing (RVA) of endoscope cleaning practices can increase compliance with disinfection protocols, but only if technicians receive feedback on their performance, according to researchers using this approach in their endoscopy unit.
  8. Time to Consider Concierge Medicine?
    Larry Good, MD, FACG, is a gastroenterologist practicing in Lynbrook, N.Y. He began offering his patients a hybrid concierge program in 2011.
  9. AGA Survey of Gastroenterologists Confirms High Rate of Burnout
    More than half of U.S. gastroenterologists are experiencing professional burnout, results from a recent survey suggest. Burnout rates were highest among female gastroenterologists and, surprisingly to the researchers, were substantial among trainees.
  10. Strong Gains, Low Cost for FIT Outreach in ‘Safety Net’ Population
    For colorectal cancer screening, organized outreach can increase participation rates in the private health care markets, but whether such programs can do so in other populations has been unclear.